How to Sell your Domain name successfully with 5 tips

How to Sell your Domain name successfully with 5 tips
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How to Sell Domain name successfully with 5 tips

People are buying and selling domain names everyday. This industry is one of the most active markets in the world. Everyday, thousands of domain names were bought and sold with hundreds of millions dollars traded.

Joining in this industry is quite simple but to become a domain expert is not easy. There are a lot of people struggling in selling their domain names at the first time. During years learning in this business, I have some tips on how to sell domain names quickly and want to share with you

How to Sell your Domain name successfully with 5 tips

Transforming from domain collector to domain investor (or domain seller) is not quite easy. Below I’m going to share with you guys 5 tips to help you with this.

1. List your domain names for sale

If you want to sell your domain names, firstly you need to list them for sale. Nowadays, there are many domain name marketplaces that you can list your domains on. Most places are free for listing. However, some of them charge a small listing fee. I have some successful sales on Flippa, I’ve been using this platform since it’s free, but now they charge $1 for each domain listing on them.

However, besides Flippa, there are many big guys in this industry such as Sedo, Godaddy, Afternic,…I’ve introduced to you guys this article Top 15 places to sell your Domain names easily and quickly

2. Price your domain names to sell

Pricing the domain is one of the most important parts when you want to sell it. It should not be too high or too low. If one of them sells too fast, you might think that it was priced too low. Or if it’s not selling for times, you might also be rethinking about the price, maybe one of the reasons is that it’s priced too high.

Depending on many factors, there are many domain appraisal tools can help you in pricing your domains such as Godaddy, Estibot,…With Godaddy, they have just released a free Godaddy Domain value appraisal online tool for anyone who wants to know their domain value. However, the value that the tool provides per domain it checked is just for reference. It’s not the real domain worth of buying and selling on the real market. You need to check many other factors in order to determine if it’s a premium domain or not.

3. Make sure your domain is worth for sale

This is the reason that many new domainers face when they first register their domains. They didn’t know the real value of the domain or supposed it’s worth too much. Almost guys thought that the domain they own is very nice & premium so that it must be sold for a very high price. But in fact, it’s no worth at all, at least the registration fee.

Hence, try to focus on popular domain extensions, especially dot COM; it still will be the king for the next many years. I see that there are many domain experts focusing on new gTLDs such as .SHOP, .TRADE, . XYZ, .WEBSITE,…But, if you’re a newcomer, .COM is always a smart choice for you.

4. Don’t hide your WHOIS information

You should also update it to the latest and exactly. If someone wants to buy your names, they first find your contact in the WHOIS information of the domain. If you hide it, they can not find you with the easiest way, and at least you miss one channel to get potential customers. At the first time of buying and selling domain names, I usually hide this information, but now I always reveal it for domains which I intend to sell.

5. Hire a Domain broker to sell the domain for you

In fact, many domain brokers have many experiences in buying and selling domains. They have useful tips & tricks, as well as available networks (networks of buyers and brokers) that can get the domain in front of buyers easier than you do it by yourself. If you cooperate with them you will have chances to sell faster. However, you will need to pay them a fee for their hard work. Some take a commission when selling successfully while some other charge a small fee up front before work, with or without the commission depending on each guy.

6. Conclusion

I’m not a domain broker as well as a domain investor, I’m just a domainer having some domain names. Some are good and some are bad. However, I am also trying to sell some of my domain names. So that, I think these tips how to sell domain above help you sell your next domains faster than before.

Good luck to you,

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