How to buy a domain with Godaddy

How to buy a domain with Godaddy
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How to buy a domain with Godaddy

How to buy a domain with Godaddy? Nowadays, having a website for online businesses is a need. Many people are doing this everyday. When you create your own website then the first thing you need to do is choosing a domain name for it. And choosing a domain name is not an easy thing to do.

How to buy a domain with Godaddy


1. Some domain name’s characteristics you should know

In the previous article, I introduced some domain name’s characteristics you should know such as

  • Your domain will be activated instantly after you bought successfully and provided full information
  • You can not buy a domain name that has already existed. You just only buy when it was deleted from a registrar.
  • Your domain names’ length and content do not affect website load.
  • Your domain should have maximize 63 characters (include the extension .com, .net, .edu, .gov,…)
  • You can buy domain names as many as possible, no limited.
  • Your domain must only contain characters in the alphabet (a-z), numeric (0-9), and hyphens (-). All spaces and other special characters are invalid
  • Your domain must not begin or end with hyphens (-)

2. How to choose the best domain name?

The best domain is the right one that brings effectiveness to your business. So you should research very carefully and deeply about the market and business in order to choose the best one for you. Normally, people are tending to remember domains that are short, memorable and easy to spell.

If your website is in specific markets, you should also choose the domain related to your brand or products. You can choose the name base on the keyword people tend to search or products that people are usually easy to remember and pronounce. In the future, the domain keyword also helps you to improve quickly in SEO strategies.

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So that, in this article, I will guide you how to buy a domain with Godaddy with some easy steps.

3. How to buy a domain with Godaddy?

3.1. Login to your Godaddy account and find a domain

After choosing the desired domain with some characteristics above, you need to do some steps below

1. Login to your Godaddy account with your username and password

2. Go to the Godaddy homepage or Domain Name Search page and type your desired domain into the search box. Then press the Search button to continue.

How to buy a domain at Godaddy 1

3.2. Add to cart

1. If the domain you choose is available, you will receive the information as the image below. If it’s not available, you will need to search again with another name. Press the button “Add to Cart” to add your desired domain to the cart. Then press the button “Continue to Cart” to do the next step

How to buy a domain at Godaddy 2

2. The new page appears and asks you to add some more add-on feature such as Privacy, GoCentral and Email address.

How to buy a domain at Godaddy 3

In this guide, I don’t choose anything more, just simply scroll down to the end and press the button “Continue with these options

How to buy a domain at Godaddy 4

3.3. Adding a promotional code

1. The new page appears in summary again your cart. You need to check again the product, the term, and the total price. If you want to buy more items, just choose it and you will see the total price changes. If you have a Godaddy coupon to use, click on the “Add” text-button next to the sentence “Have a promotional code?” and type the coupon in.

How to buy a domain at Godaddy 5

2. After reviewing the cart carefully, press the button “Process to checkout” to continue.

3.4. Billing & payment

1. The billing & payment page appears to let you choose your billing information and payment method that you want to use. There are many payment types that you can choose to pay, such as Paypal, Credit/Debit/Prepaid Card, UnionPay, Alipay or Gift Card.

How to buy a domain at Godaddy 6

If everything is okay, just simply press the “Place Your Order” button to pay. You will be redirected to the payment process depending on the method you choose.

2. At this step, you’ve completely & successfully bought your desired domain at Godaddy. After buying, you will receive a congratulation email like this

How to buy a domain at Godaddy 7

Finally, you need to go to “Manage My Domain” to edit, add or remove records as you want. See more detail on the official video from Godaddy below

4. Conclusion

After buying domains at Godaddy, I think you should know more about how to manage it. Please read more the article here Guide to manage domain and point domain at GoDaddy

Good luck to you,

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