What is Web hosting and How to choose a suitable one?

What is Web Hosting and How to choose a suitable one?

What is Web hosting and How to choose a suitable one?

What is Web hosting? Web hosting is also known as hosting, webhosting, web space, web hosting space or something terms related. In fact, it’s the space on the web server where you can store your website. Your website is anything about web files, web pages, web images and also mp3 files, movie files,…Web hosting is the space where your websites place and it processes any requests from internet users, the requests are something like downloading files, uploading files, processing an shopping order or requesting an mp3 file…

What is Web hosting and How to choose a suitable one

Web hosting features you should know?

When choosing the web hosting, you need to consider many features that the hosting can provide to you. These features listed below can give you some references when buying (what is web hosting?)

Hosting Space: this is the number of spaces (count as MB, GB) that your hosting has. Usually many shared hosting services provide unlimited storage for your website, others also can give you some GB of space such as 10GB, 15GB, 20GB,…The more space you have, the more files and pages you can store on your hosting. So if you have a large website and database for your business, you need a large web hosting space to store all of them.

Hosting Bandwidth: this is the measurement in MB/GB of the maximum data that can be transferred in a second time. In fact, it’s a amount of data transferred in a month. Usually nowadays, many hosting services provide unlimited bandwidth for your website, that is your site can operate without exhausted bandwidth in download, upload or sharing media files.

Hosting Domains: this is the number of domain that your web hosting allow to have. That means the number of website you can store on it. Usually many hosting providers give it unlimited for you, then you can host unlimited website for your variety of business.

Database: this is the number of MySQL database that your hosting allow to have. The more database you have, the more website you can create on your web hosting.

Free domain include: this is whether you have more free domain when you buy hosting or not. Nowadays almost hosting providers will give free 1 domain (.com, .net, .org, .info, .biz,…) when you buy hosting with at least 1 year register.

Hosting speed: this is also known as the loading time or the time that your website loads completely on the browser. This time is as low as better. You need to choose the hosting that have the loading time low so internet users can access your website fast.

Hosting load capacity: that is the capacity of the host that many users can access to your webstie at the same time. This is usually the experience when you use many hosting services and have experience about that. So if you buy hosting at the first time, choose the host that have many positive feedback or positive ratings from another

Hosting support: this is the availability of support from your hosting. If you have problems with your hosting such as: it can not connect, website shutdown,…or something that you can not control your hosting account anymore, you can contact the support team and receive the responses as you expected. Usually measuring by responsive time, the way to contact (live chat, phone, email, tickets,…) and readiness

Other features: such as File Manager, FTP Manager, 1-Click install, WordPress support, Unlimited Email accounts,…


What is Web hosting? Choosing the right and the best hosting is always the important step to start a website for your business. So you should do this step carefully, research deeply, ask others to give an right advice. You can also choose some providers that have listed on eCoupon.io such as: Godaddy hosting, iPage hosting, Fatcow hosting, Easyspace hosting, Hosting24, eUKHost, Heart Internet, Lunarpages, Namecheap, IXWebhosting, Liquid Web hosting, …

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Good luck to you and to your business,

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