What is DNS Domain Name Servers? How to use it?

What is DNS Domain Name Servers? How to use it?

What is DNS Domain Name Servers?

What is DNS Domain Name Servers? They are actually working like a phone book. They’re systems that responsible for translate many domain names into Internet Protocol addresses (IP Addresses).

what is a dns

They was invented for Internet worldwide in 1984. This is very necessary because computers or machines don’t understand the domain names or string, they only know IP addresses, although domain names are very easy for people to remember.

what is dns

How does DNS work? (What is DNS)

Each IP address has 4 groups of number divided by dots, example And each will be classified in to 5 classes A, B, C, D, E. If you open command line and ping my site ecoupon.io, you will see the IP Address is, it is due to DNS translating.

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Each Domain name services provider will operate and maintain their own DNS systems. We also have INTERNIC (Internet Network Information Center) will have responsible for manage all domain names and DNS server. Each DNS have capacities query others DNS Server when they have request from another.

How to use DNS Domain Name Servers?

You should choose DNS base on your website demand. Each will have the difference update time, respond time, time to live from client to server, so if your website is small, you don’t need to update frequently and immediately, however if you have a large business website, you will need to.

how to use dns

Nowadays, many people use 3rd DNS services providers such as CloudFlare, FreeDNS, …

Some 3rd DNS services I would recommend to you below

Currently, you can easily to buy your own domain with very cheap price and coupons from many large providers such as: Godaddy, Domain.com, Namecheap, 1and1,…

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