What is a Domain Name? Where should you buy?

What is a Domain Name? Where should you buy?

What is a Domain Name? Where should you buy?

What is a Domain Name? Domain Name (DN) is one of the most important factors in your website. For easy to understand, it’s the web address of your website. If some one wants to visit your web, they must know and remember your website address name, instead of the group of number IP address. It works like your home address, it need to be easy to remember and easy to find.

What is a Domain Name? Where should I buy?

What is a Domain Name?

Normally, each domain name will contain 3 parts and have the structure like below


In among of that

www: the prefix of the domain, this is an option, you can visit ecoupon.io without www.
ecoupon: the domain name
io: the suffix of the domain, it’s also call domain extension

Totally, domain names are hierarchy into 3 levels

  • Domain level 1 (also call Top Level Domain – TLD): such as godaddy.com, google.com,…
  • Domain level 2 (secondary level domain): such as google.com.sg,…
  • Sub domain: they’re from domain level 1 or level 2, such as drive.google.com, mail.google.com,…

Some of popular domain extensions you should to know
(what is a domain name)




.COM Commercial Currently, this is the most popular extension, it’s chosen by almost companies and business,…
.NET Network The second most popular extension now, it’s also use by companies, internet services provider or organization that related to internet fields
.BIZ Business It’s used for small business website, small eCommerce business,…
.GOV Government It’s used for companies, organizations that own by government
.ORG Organization It’s usually used for non-profit organization or eCommerce companies/organization,…
.EDU Education It’s used for schools, universities, or education organization,…
.INFO Information It’s usually used for website that sharing information or resources about many fields,…
.TV Television It’s used for website about television, video sharing,…
.MOBI Mobile It’s used for mobile website or mobile app,…

Some Domain name’s characteristics you should to know

  • Your domain will be activated instantly after you buy successful and provide full information
  • You can not buy a domain name that has already existed, you just only buy when it was deleted from registrar.
  • You can buy domain names as many as possible, no limited.
  • Your domain names’ length and content does not affect to website load.
  • Your domain should have maximize 63 characters (include the extension .com, .net, .edu, .gov,…)
  • Your domain must only contains characters in alphabet (a-z), numeric (0-9), and hyphens (-). All spaces and other special characters are invalid
  • Your domain must not begin or end with hyphens (-)

How to choose a best domain name?

The best domain is the right one that bring effectiveness to your business. So you should research very carefully and deeply about the market, the business in order to choose the best domain for you. Normally, people are tending to remember domains that are short, memorable and easy to spell.

If your website is in specific markets, you should also choose the domain related to your brand or products. You can choose the name base on the keywords people tend to search or products that people are usually easy to remember and pronounce. In the future, the domain keywords also help you to improve quickly in SEO strategies.

Where to buy domain name?

There are tons of domain providers (domain name registrar) in the world nowadays. If you’re in choosing process and don’t know who to choice, so should consider these factors below

  • Truth and high reputation domain name registrars
  • Always have the cheap price for people
  • Available to support and contact if needed (24/7)
  • The annual renewal price
  • The transfer policies and support team

Currently, you can easily buy your own domains with very cheap price using coupons from many large domain providers such as: Godaddy, Domain.com, Namecheap, Dotster, MyDomain, 123-Reg1and1, …

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