VPS Hosting Coupon - Why to choose for your business?

VPS Hosting Coupon – Why to choose for your business?

VPS Hosting Coupon – Why to choose for your business?

VPS Hosting Coupon – choosing for business. If you’ve already had websites or hosting for your business before, sure you’ve used free hosting or shared hosting services. Free hosting is a good choice if you don’t have enough money to buy a hosting but it has very limited resources such as disk space, CPU, bandwidth,…Shared hosting is a good and convenient choice if you have some money and want to quickly deploy any free open source website such as Joomla, Drupal, WordPress,…but it also has limited resources and in some cases you can not deploy your own web application or complex website on it. So that if you need to use more resources or more features such as install software, install large database or dynamic website, you will need to upgrade to VPS hosting plan.

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VPS Hosting Coupon - Why to choose for your business?

So what is VPS hosting?

A VPS is also a host but it’s a high-level hosting. A VPS can provide better controls than free or shared hosting services. With VPS, you can have full-managed controls and you can run your own software, application, or a website on it, however it’s required that you need to have some technical skills to manage.

When buying a new VPS server, you can also upgrade new hardware such as RAM, disk space, # of CPUs if you want in the future. These features will let you to customize hardware configuration belong to your need. Checking out many VPS hosting coupon here

Using VPS hosting, you will also have better reliability and performance than free and shared hosting. When buying new VPS plan from VPS providers, you’re given a certain amount of disk space, bandwidth, RAM, number of CPUs…etc. And in some certain case, VPS hardware is set to your VPS only. Using VPS also help you to isolate from many attacks or rogue from another, because each VPS runs independently completely of each other, so if one has problem, the impact on another is minimal

Some Pros & Cons when using VPS Hosting


  • You will have full control on your VPS server
  • You will get power with more resources for your business websites
  • Better security and performance compared to free and shared hosting
  • Very easy to upgrade to the higher resources if needed
  • Almost isolation from another VPSs running on the same physical machine


  • It costs you more expensive than shared hosting
  • You will need more technical skills to manage VPS server
  • It’s more complicated and harder to controll than shared hosting

What is difference between Managed vs Un-managed VPS

  • A managed VPS commonly has only available with a control panel – the providers will only support that control panel and its standard software. In some cases the host will do nothing unless you request it so you need to monitor the VPS yourself. Managed VPS hosts some time will do responsible for OS, software installations, monitoring, security and many other items on VPS you buy.
  • An Un-managed VPS means you are fully responsible for the VPS from OS install to security, to everything. Expect zero help from the provider, while fully Managed is very close to shared hosting. They keep the server security in check, will help fix control panel problems.

Do your business actually need a VPS hosting coupon?

In almost cases, VPS hosting coupon is very good for your business website at low-demand, medium-demand or even medium-high-demand. It’s the best choice for you in some cases below:

  • Your business websites need more resource than free or shared hosting in RAM, CPUs, disk space,…
  • You’re a re-seller that supply hosting to your clients
  • You’re a developer that need more resource or power in machine to control software and system

Summaries when choosing a hosting provider

There are some things that you need to consider when choosing a VPS hosting provider

An Up-time: This is the amount of time that a VPS is available. However your VPS can goes down or discontinue due to many reasons such as scheduled maintenance, suddenly outages or mis-configuration by technicians. Commonly, almost VPS providers usually committed this number always high above 99%.

Overselling: A VPS (Virtual Private Server) as its name, all virtual, it doesn’t have hardware reserved. So that many VPS providers will exceed the number of VPSs running on a single physical machine in order to get more clients. This is call overselling, so as long as clients don’t use at maximize resource and power, the system hardware can be use to handle more users on it. And when clients start consuming more CPU, RAM, disk space, this will affect other VPSs, slowing them down and the system experiences overloading. Nowadays, almost providers oversell, but some reputable providers will ensure to prevent overloading.

Flexible payment: Almost VPS providers will give you an option to pay monthly, quarterly or yearly when you order a VPS package. This is very convenient for you if you don’t need to use VPS for a long time or the service is poor and you don’t want to continue. However many VPS providers will give you a big offer if you order a long-term package. You can check Godaddy coupon vps or Vultr coupon code

Some VPS hosting coupons we suggest that you can use

Good luck to you,

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