[GUIDE] How to renew your domain at Godaddy latest in 2017

[GUIDE] How to renew your domain at Godaddy latest in 2017
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How to renew domain at Godaddy?

Hi guys, recent days, I’ve received many questions from friends about how to renew domain at Godaddy when they see that their domains are going to expire in the next some days or some months. So that today, I will guide you how to do this, step by step.

Commonly, when you finish registering a new domain at Godaddy, also at that time you can renew that domain right away. Hence, in order to save your money, you should renew them at any time you get the Godaddy renewal coupon. Because nowadays, these kinds of coupons are extremely rare.

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How to renew domain at Godaddy?

1. Go to Godaddy homepage and then login to your account with your username + password

2. Go to My Account, then press the green Manage button on the right

How to renew your domain at Godaddy 1

Or you can go to Domains menu and choose to Manage My Domains, as an image below

How to renew your domain at Godaddy 2

3. After going to domain management list, you will see the Renew orange button beside the ongoing expired domains. You can have one or more domains need to be renewed

How to renew your domain at Godaddy 4

To renew one or many domains, just check the small box beside before each domain, then choose Renew image at the top menu, then choose Renew Domain

4. After choosing Renew Domain, you will go to the next steps as below

How to renew your domain at Godaddy 5

You can choose the Renewal Length from 1 year to 9 years, choose Auto-Renew as you want. This will prevent some unwanted cases that you forget the expired day and your domain will be taken by other guys. So your brand or whole business will be terminated. You can choose the Privacy as public or private to hide your information. Then press green button Next to go to check out.

How to renew your domain at Godaddy 6

5. At the confirmation pop-up page, you can choose Express Checkout to have quickly pay to Godaddy without reviewing your orders. Or choose Checkout if you want to review again and input Godaddy renewal coupon if you have. This will save you a lot of money when using renewal coupon.

When renewing domains, you can pay using Paypal or in-store credit event if you use coupons. You can find many renewal coupon codes at the previous post I mentioned here. Or you can transfer to another registrar to save off a little bit. I suggest to choose Namecheap, this is one of the largest domain registrars.

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Good luck to you!

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