Godaddy discount domain club is the Best Way for Domain Renewal

Currently Best Way for Domain Renewals at Godaddy

Currently Best Way for Domain Renewals at Godaddy

Godaddy Discount Domain Club is currently the Best Way for Domain Renewal at Godaddy. As you know that, domain name is one of the most important part of your business and brand awareness. It’s also the key point for brand development.

Beside the name, it’s vital to understand that we also usually pay for hosting space, web developers, domain name registration and most of these things require annual renewals. And so, we always want to reduce all the renewal cost services above buy using Godaddy renewal coupon codes.


What is the Godaddy Discount Domain Club?

By basically, this is the effective way to reduce your annual Godaddy domain renewal cost. Business owners, agencies or many re-sellers always have many domains need to renew annual, so this program is a membership program is designed for them who need to renew and register frequently and especially, they need to save alot of money when doing that.

This membership program applies automatically when you join in, it does not require to install or setup anything, and having one year active after you purchase.

When joining Godaddy Discount Domain Club, you can simply login in to your account and the discount prices will automatically apply to the normal prices, for both new domain registration and domain renewals.

When buying, renewal, pre-registering or transferring domain…you will receive the discounted prices for various top level domain names (TLDs), this discounted prices will applied automatically in your cart when checking out. And you need to understand that when buying through Godaddy Discount Domain Club, you’re not eligible for any other promotions or discounts events.


And more, when you join discount domain club, you will also receive one year membership to Godaddy CashParking and auctions. If you’ve already has a basic CashParking membership, then you will be upgraded to Premium CashParking account. In case you’ve already has Premium CashParking, you will have either extend your Premium account or renewal your exist account with no extra cost.

As you can see image above, almost domains are normally sale off by 40%

Godaddy Discount Domain Club

Currently, almost the renewal coupon codes at Godaddy has been expired and removed. So we recommend you to join “Godaddy Discount Domain Club” in order to get a bulk discount on renewals, transfer, new purchases:
– .COM renewal: $8.29/year – 44% Off
– .CO renewal: $24.99/year – 16% Off
– .NET renewal: $7.99/year – 52% Off
– .ORG renewal: $9.99/year – 50% Off
– .INFO renewal: $9.99/year – 41% Off
– .ME renewal: $15.99/year – 20% Off
– .BIZ renewal: $9.99/year – 41% Off
– …
See more at:
– This code will save you 35% Godaddy Discount Domain Club! ($58.49/year)

– This code will save you 33% Godaddy Discount Domain Club! ($60.29 /year)

Some tips for you:

1. In check-out page while you’re renewing, you should switch your currency to INR and then renew it with discount. View detail here Best way to Renewal Domain Godaddy currently

2. Or first you add the products that you want to renew, the at check out page, you log out the account, and wait…, sometime Godaddy will send the coupon renewal to you (if you’re lucky enough..) via your email. good luck.

Benefits when joining Godaddy Discount Domain Club

+ The main benefit you receive when joining the discount club is to get huge discount on registration, Godaddy renewal domain or transfer your domains therefore it’s will save you a lot of money.

Normally, in order to get discount and save money, you need to coupon code at checking out page, each coupon with each discount rate differently. But in July 2015, Godaddy had informed that they don’t issuse or support domain-related coupon anymore, so you just only have getting discount on their official website. So you need to join Godaddy Domain club in order to get a better price, with monthly cost at $7.50.

+ When joining club, you receive not only the huge discount at registration or renewal but also the CashParking premium account, this membership has value of $129, and more, the Godaddy Auction membership just only $4.99

+ When joining Godaddy Discount Domain Club, you don’t need to install or setup anything. All you need is to simply purchase the membership package, and then all domain name you register or renewal will be automatically qualify for the best discount pricing.

+ With CashParking membership account, it will give you the guarantee that your domains will be converted instantly whether you have a few domains or you are managing a ton of domains. More, you can also combine some of your domains and use them in the CashParking account in order to join and using the parked domain function to extra your revenue easily.

+ With Domain Auction membership, you will get the benefit not only for selling domains but also for buying your desire domains if it still available. If that domain is taken by others, Godaddy will negotiate with the domain owner for you with the acceptable price and discount.

+ If you have a plan to renewal your domains for periods time that are longer than one year, you will get more benefit on the normal prices in Discount domain club. And this wonderful price will not affect to the quality of services, you always receive the best value for your hard money earning


With good domain name, you will do your own business and develop your brands in the marketing, it’s a major factor. But it always come with price that you need to renewal annually. Besides that, you also need to pay a lot of money with hosting space, web designer, web developer…

So that, joining Godaddy Discount Domain Club can help you in that, it will lower your cost as much as possible. It’s helpful for anyone, not only for owner with only one domain but also for agencies or enterprises with a ton of domains that need to pay a lot.

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