Domain Name Extensions - What do they mean? By

Domain Name Extensions – What do they mean?

Domain Name Extensions – What do they mean?

Domain Name Extensions – What do they mean? As all you know that domain name (DN) is one of the most important part in your website. For easy to understand, it’s the web address of your website. If someone wants to visit your website, he must to know and remember your website’s address-name, instead of remembering the IP address. It works like your home address, it need to be easy to remember and easy to find.

Domain Name Extensions - What do they mean?

In current days, almost online businesses require domain names to presence their identity on the internet. It’s not only your business name but also your brand. However choosing the right name and right suffix (extension) sometimes is a huge problem with them. In the last post, I’ve introduced about what’s domain name and where to buy it. You can visit and read it here below:

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In this post, we care about domain name extensions, that is the suffix of the domain. There’re thousands of domain name extensions nowadays. Each will represent niche, market or something fun in the world. However some of popular extensions are .COM, .NET, .ORG, .INFO, .BIZ,…are used most, they’re called gTLD

2 types of TLD

  • gTLD is Generic Top-level Domains. We have 2 types of gTLD: unSponsored gTLDs (such as: .com, .net, .org, .name). And sponsored gTLDs (such as: .shop, .mobi, .jobs, .travel). Some new gTLDs (such as nTLD: .fun, .web, .link, .club, .click).
  • ccTLD is Country code top-level domains such as: .io, .in, .me, .co, .de,…

So it depends on what is your business field, your country or your locally. You can choose your domain names and domain name extensions based on those, such as yourbusiness. in (locally in India) or yourbusiness. travel (your business related to travelling or tourist…) and many more.

Description table about some popular extensions that you may need to understand




Commercial – Currently, this is the most popular domain name extension using, it’s chosen by almost companies and business,…


Network – The second most popular extension now, it’s also used by companies, internet services provider or organization that related to internet fields


Business – It’s used for small business website, small eCommerce business or many other purposes


Government – It’s used for companies, organizations that own by government or many other purposes


Organization – It’s usually used for non-profit organization or eCommerce companies/organization,…


Education – People use this extension for schools, universities, education organizations or many other education purposes


Information – People use this extension for websites that sharing information or resources about many fields,…


Television – People use this extension for websites about television streaming, videos sharing,…


Mobile – People use this extension for mobile websites or mobile apps…


It’s the ISO-3166 code for the British Indian Ocean Territory and the .IO domain registry is operated by Internet Computer Bureau Limited (ICB). However, in current days, many startup choose this extension for their bussiness, especially in technical, .IO stands for input/output or in/out that much relate to this field.


It’s the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) assigned to Colombia. It is administered by .CO Internet S.A.S. However it’s also used commonly by many online business, it’s same same as .COM so that many guys choose this.


It’s the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Montenegro. But it’s now used as gTLD by many guys as their personal domain or hack domains such as: inco. me, handso. me,…Many personal bloggers, freelancers or small business owners are using it.


This extension is a country code TLD in India, however anyone in any country can register it with no geographical requirements and it’s now one of the most ccTLD extensions.


Choose this extension if you want to create a club of your passion and invite people join with you. It’s perfect if your business is related to:

  • Comedy clubs
  • Bars & nightclubs
  • Professional associations
  • Subscription services
  • Fan websites
  • Social media groups


This extension tells people that you’re a technical guy or your business relates to technical issues. Many guys such as Web developers, security analysts, system architecture, systems administrators, research firms and tech bloggers can also register .tech for custom web addresses that spotlight their strengths.


This is general extension that you can use in any purpose as you want for your own businesses. This next-generation domain is short, easy-to-remember and transcends all language barriers

And there’re still many many more other domain name extensions that I can not list out all of them here. When ever you want to buy domains, try to research first about your business, your customers or your local market then choosing the best suitable you.

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